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Renew Crew

Fence Cleaning in SE Minnesota

After years of standing out in the sun and rain, your fence will inevitably start to wear down and fade. At Renew Crew of Southeast Minnesota, our expert cleaning team can pressure wash your fence, eliminating the dirt, mold, and grime that has accumulated on the surface and leaving it cleaner than ever before.

Renew Crew has been working with a team of chemists for over 20 years, creating a fence pressure washing system that’s guaranteed to leave a deep, long-lasting clean. Pressure washing is an art, and when done incorrectly, could leave chips or cracks that damage the surface even more. Our expert team will handle your fence with care, gently but effectively cleaning your fence without causing damage to the structure or leaving behind any wear and tear. Your fence will look bright and new again with our fence cleaning services.

We can restore your fence to its natural beauty, boosting curb appeal and enhancing aesthetics. Our pressure washing services will leave a deep clean that lasts for years to come. Not only will your yard look better, but you are actually extending the lifespan of your fence when you pressure wash it.

The Renew Crew Clean

Our signature fence power washing process will effectively clean the surface of your fence and restore its original beauty. We’ll even add a layer of sealant to protect your fence from damage in the future. Here how our process works:

• We use our proprietary foam to penetrate deep into the grey wood fibers of your fence and lift away the dirt and grime that has accumulated on the surface.

• We then apply an eco-friendly, non-chlorine formula to kill the mold, mildew, and other vegetation growth on the surface. This formula does not bleach your fence or cause harm to the surrounding landscape.

• Once all of the dirt, grime, and vegetation growth have been lifted, our expert services use controlled pressure washing to remove the unwanted contaminants for good.

• Last, we apply Renew Crew’s special UV-blocking polymer mix as a long-lasting seal that works deep into the layers of wood to protect your fence from further damage from outside elements.

Our sealant will protect your fence from any dirt, mold, or mildew buildup, guaranteeing a deep clean that lasts. We can erase the discoloration and filth that comes from age and leave your fence looking bright and new again.

Why Choose Renew Crew

At Renew Crew of Southeast Minnesota, we’ll handle any job no matter how big or small. We will clean and seal fences of all sizes. No matter what your fence has been through, our 3-step process can make it look great again. Our expert team will pressure wash your fence and seal it to last for an all-around outstanding fence cleaning experience.

Call us today at 507-517-4394 for a free estimate and learn more about our fence pressure washing services. We are proud to serve our community in Rochester, Winona, Owatonna, and the surrounding Southeast Minnesota areas by helping them restore their fence to its original beauty.