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Renew Crew

Siding & Gutter Cleaning in Rochester, Winona, Owatonna, and Surrounding Areas

Is the side of your house starting to look dirty and discolored with age? Are you dealing with stains from mildew, mold, or constant exposure to the elements? Don’t worry! At Renew Crew of Southeast Minnesota, our expert team specializes in pressure washing services that can clean your siding and gutters, restoring your home’s outdoor appearance and boosting curb appeal.

Your siding and gutters need regular maintenance to keep up their appearance, but it’s easy to forget about cleaning the exterior of your home. We can restore their beautiful look no matter how much dirt, grime, or mold has accumulated on the surface using our outstanding pressure washing services. We’ll even apply a sealant to protect your siding and gutters from the elements, guaranteeing a long-lasting, deep clean.

For over 20 years, Renew Crew has been working with a team of chemists to develop a pressure washing process that will effectively deep clean your surfaces without damaging them. We are proud to tell our customers that our siding and gutting cleaning process is safe and effective for all types of siding – stucco, brick, vinyl, you name it! We combine our unique 3-step pressure washing process with an eco-friendly cleaning solution that will eliminate all unwanted contaminants on your siding and gutters without causing damage.

Renew Crew 3-step process

Our revolutionary 3-step cleaning process will give your siding and gutters the deep clean they need. We will expertly clean, stain, and seal your siding and gutters, giving your home’s outdoor appearance a complete makeover and reviving your siding and gutters to like-new condition. Here’s how it works:
1. Pre-Soak Foam – First, we will cover your siding and gutters in our special foam cleaning solution. The foam will work deep into the surface, lifting the dirt and grime while simultaneously killing the mold and mildew. Instead of using harsh chlorine like other cleaning services, our foam is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and will not bleach or dye your surfaces.

2. Power Clean – Our pressure washing services will gently but effectively rinse away the dirt, grime, and mold buildup on your siding and gutter surfaces, restoring their beauty without damaging the vinyl, stucco, brick, or other surface material.

3. Protective Finish – Our expert team will finish the job by applying a polymer finish. Your outdoor surfaces will be able to stand up to water damage and harmful UV rays with our sealant, guaranteeing a longer-lasting clean and extending the life of your siding and gutters.

Everclean Program

At Renew Crew of Southeast Minnesota, all of our new customers will receive a bonus EverClean treatment with their pressure washing service. If you’re already a Renew Crew customer, then you can receive the EverClean treatment after one year with us. With EverClean, you will receive two annual sealer inspections and cleanings. We want your home’s outdoor surfaces to look their best 24/7, and our new EverClean program will guarantee they do.

Our EverClean program involves two annual treatments schedules for the spring and fall. During your spring cleaning, we will remove any damage that winter may have caused to your patios, decks, fences, and hardscapes. In the fall, we will add an extra layer of protection to prepare your home for the cold and harsh temperatures in the winter. Our mission is to keep your home’s outdoor surfaces looking brand-new with our cleaning services, and our EverClean program goes one step further.

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